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Little Bird Clothing Co.  
All Items proudly made in USA 



{Mistletoe Kisses Pre order} 
September 13th 2019
9:00am EST Til we hit maximum 
Emmaline Dress $62

Charlee Dress $58

Kate Bubble $56

Suspender Skirt $38

Peter Pan top: $28 

Poinsettia top: $32

Boy Bow ties $5.00

(all items available in NB to 14y except bubble stops at 5/6) 

ships 8-10 weeks

{Donald & Daisy}

{All Things Fall}

{All Things Christmas}





Dates subject to change and other rts releases added at anytime keep an eye out for any  changes. 


 Shipping information 

Start shipping dates are only estimates. 


 We batch print our labels please allows 24-72 hours for them to update. If they haven't updated in that time and there is not an update above please email us


Spirit line ships late August

Moo Pre order ships late August 8-10 weeks from June 22nd  

Jasmine Pre order ships Mid September 8-10 weeks from July 9th

Lion King Pre order Ships Early October 8-10 weeks from July 29th

Villains Pre order ships Mid October 8-10 weeks from August 4th