LBCCo Most Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I CARE FOR MY LBCCo- We always suggest washing your item(s)by hand in cold water, hang dry, and use a warm iron of needed. 

HOW DO WE KNOW WHEN AND WHATS RELEASING- Please refer to our "calendar" on the website. It has a list of the upcoming releases with all the release info and pictures

WHEN WILL OUR ITEMS SHIP- Each release has different shipping dates. Some are preorder and some are RTS. We always give a shipping timeframe for each release. You can refer to the "calendar" on our website if you want check on the shipping dates.

WHAT IS A PREORDER- This means items are made after you order and will ship within the estimated timeframe given at the time of release. Usually anywhere from 8-10weeks

WHAT IS RTS- Items are ready to ship. They will ship within a 2-3 business days of purchase. 

WHAT IS YOUR RETURN POLICY- Please refer to our "policies" on the website

HOW DOES LBCCo RUN IN SIZE- We always have a size chart listed prior to each release. Every release will run different as we use different patterns. It's always best to measure your child according to the size chart we provide.

CAN I CANCEL MY ORDER-Please refer to our "polices" on our website

HOW CAN MY CHILD BECOME A BRAND REP- We do not do brand reps searches. Or pick brand reps often. We add to our team as needed and by factors such as activity in the group, quality of pictures posted, interaction with other members, etc.

HOW DO I ORDER- You will order from the "shop" Tab on our website. Each release has a date and a time that it will load to our website. At said date and time of release, you will log on, then you will click on the "shop" tab. Once items are loaded you will click the on the item(s) you want, choose your size(s) and add to your cart and then checkout. See Shopping Tips for tips. 

DO YOU HAVE A BST PAGE- Yes. Our bst page is Little Bird Clothing Co B/S/T. You can go here for all of your buying, selling, or trading needs.

WHAT IS CARTING AND WHAT DOES INVENTORY ISSUES MEAN- We have a section on our website that explains everything you need to know about carting and what to do when you get inventory issues when trying to checkout. It's under "shopping tips"

DO YOU DO CUSTOM ORDERS- No we do not do custom orders

HOW DO WE CONTACT YOU- Please email LBCCoCustomerService@gmail.com we do not check PMs on Facebook

DO YOU EVER RESTOCK ITEMS OR HAVE EXTRAS? - With some releases we will have a few extras in select sizes that we will restock back to the website once everyone's items from that release have been processed and shipped. These are loaded randomly and typically unannounced.