Shopping Tips

What is carting?

Carting is simply the process of purchasing a product from our website.

Sounds simple enough right?!

Well, when there are more people going for a product than the amount of products available, it can get tricky.

But I'm here to list some tips and tricks to help you with that!

•SPEED is key; your goal is to get your item(s) in your cart and checkout as fast as possible.

*Check your internet speed! If you have slow internet your chances of carting decreases drastically

*Which device are you using? Computer, phone, tablet? People have been successful from carting on all three as everyone's service and internet speeds are different. If you're not successful on one, try another. Or if you can, try doing it on multiple devices at once.

*Clear your browsing history. It will help your browsing scan faster

*Be prepared...set up an account on our website. This will save you a ton of time at check out.

*You can go through PayPal but if choose to use your cc, make sure you have your card number copied and ready to paste (ctrl+v) and your card's expiration date and security code ready to enter.

*Check out the website! Make yourself familiar with it. So you know where to go and be ready for the items to load. All of our loads will be under "Shop"


*You will want to be on the website at least 5min. before load time. LBCCo loads are at 9:30pm est. So you will want to be on the site at 9:26pm (or if you haven't made an account or aren't familiar with it even earlier).

*Start refreshing about 2min before load time (F5) if you're on a computer.

*As soon as you see the item you are wanting pop up, click on it, select your size, quantity, and any other thing info you have to select and go to your cart to check out. 


Carts do not hold since the new Shopify updates. It is a race to check out.

•Cart Buddies

*A cart buddy is someone who helps you cart. It may be your husband, your mom, friend, or someone you have met though LBCCo.

*Having a cart buddy can be a great thing and if it's someone you met through LBCCo it can grow into a wonderful friendship.

•Have fun and Relax

*If you're not successful do not give up, just try again on the next release. Don't get upset, although I know that's easier said than done.

*Remember that we have a BST page. So if you're not successful the chances of finding you desired item on the BST board is pretty good!! You will just have to wait a bit longer.

I hope that this helps you and gives you a better understanding on how "carting" works!

We want your shopping experience to be a fun and pleasant one! And although it may get a little stressful...successfully carting can also be an adrenaline rush and be quite fun!!!

So happy shopping mama's and GOOD LUCK!